The Works of Leevi Madetoja

  1. Works for the Stage
  2. Works for Orchestra
  3. Chamber Music Works
  4. Works for Solo Instrument
  5. Choral and Vocal Works with Orchestral Accompaniment
  6. Vocal and Choral Works with Accompaniment, Solo Songs
  7. Choral and Vocal Works Single-voice
  8. Works for Mixed Choir
  9. Works for Female Choir
  10. Works for Male Choir
  11. Works for the Stage: Incidental Works
  12. Works for the Screen
  13. Orchestrations and arrangements
  14. Arrangements of Madetoja's works by other composers

Source: Music Finland

Compiled Miika Lauriala (2005)


The list has been updated and corrected by Tero Tommila (1997)

after K. Tuukkanen - M. Viitala and  S. Lappalainen - E. Salmenhaara (1987)

Formatted, corrected, update of the terminology and linked for the use on the website by Jari Eskola 2015.