The Works of Leevi Madetoja

  1. Works for the Stage
  2. Works for Orchestra
  3. Chamber Music Works
  4. Works for Solo Instrument
  5. Choral and Vocal Works with Orchestral Accompaniment
  6. Vocal and Choral Works with Accompaniment, Solo Songs
  7. Choral and Vocal Works Single-voice
  8. Works for Mixed Choir
  9. Works for Female Choir
  10. Works for Male Choir
  11. Works for the Stage: Incidental Works
  12. Works for the Screen
  13. Orchestrations and arrangements
  14. Arrangements of Madetoja's works by other composers

Choral and Vocal Works with Orchestral Accompaniment

Promotions kantaten år 1914 (Kantaatti Helsingin yliopiston promootioon 1914) Op. 22
Promotion Cantata for University of Helsinki 1914
Composed: 1914 
soprano, 2120/2211/10/0, strings and mixed choir 
Duration: 27'
Text by Ernst V. Knape, translated into Finnish by Väinö Vesala
I Maestoso non troppo lento 
II L'istesso tempo 
III Andantino [originally for reciter and orchestra]
IV Maestoso molto tranquillo 
V Ma tranquillo 
VI Maestoso
Fp: Suomen Laulu, Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra, cond.  Robert Kajanus, May 29, 1914
Publisher: Collection of the Society of Finnish Composers; distribution Music Finland 
[Arrangements piano and choir, published by The Sibelius Museum and 
for male choir and orchestra, unpublished]

Sammon ryöstö (The Abduction of The Sampo) Op. 24  |  Osta/Buy       
Symphonic Poem
Composed: 1915
baritone, 2222/4331/11/1, strings and male choir
[2cl in A.]
Duration: 13'
Text from the Kalevala 
Fp: Ylioppilaskunnan Laulajat, Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra, cond. Heikki Klemetti, April 16, 1915
[Choral score published as Op. 23 by Viipurin Lauluveikot and Ylioppilaskunnan Laulajat, unpublished]

Aslak Smaukka Op. 37  |  Osta/Buy       
Symphonic Poem for male voice choir, baritone and orchestra 
Composed: 1917
baritone, 3222/4331/12/0, strings and male choir
[fl+pic, 2cl in A.]
Duration: 14'
Text by Larin-Kyösti, "Romansseja & balladeja" (1913?)
Fp: Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra, cond. Leevi Madetoja, April 8, 1926
Publisher: Laulu-Miehet, Helsinki
[Arrangement for baritone, male choir and two pianos, unpublished]

Stabat mater (Marian murhe) Op. 27/2  |  Spotify  
Composed: 1917
female choir and string orchestra
Duration 8'
Text by Jacopo dei Benedetti ("Jacopone da Todi"), translated into Finnish by A. Ahlqvist-Oksanen
Fp: Suomen Laulu, April 6, 1917
Publisher: Suomen Laulu, Helsinki    
[See also Op. 27/1 Choral and Vocal Works with Instrumental Accopaniment]      

Säestyksellisiä vokaaliteoksia Op. 40/1-3
Vocal works with accompaniment 

Valtiopäivävirsi (Isänmaan virsi) Op. 40/1     
[Other name: Hymni isänmaalle]
Composed: 1917
mixed choir, string orchestra and organ
Duration: 4’
Text by Niilo Mantere ("Juhani Merenheimo")
Fp: Suomen Laulu, Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra, November 13, 1917
Publisher: Suomen Laulu [choral score only]
Tuhanten rantain partahilla (Morgonsång) Op. 40/2    
Composed: 1918
2222/2221/10/0, strings and mixed choir 
[2cl in A]
Duration: 6'
Text by Zachris Topelius, translated into Finnish by Paavo Cajander
Fp: Suomen Laulu, December 4, 1918
Publisher: Suomen Laulu    
[Arrangements: male choir and orchestra / organ, mixed choir and orchestra / organ]       
Isänmaalle Op. 40/3     
Composed: 1917
mixed choir, string orchestra or organ
Publisher: Suomen Laulu
[Unfinished, only a sketch?]

Pellervon laulu Op. 42/1     
Composed: 1913
[See: Works for Mixed Choir]

Vapauden aamu[na] Op. 42/2    
Composed: 1917
2222/4331/11/0, strings and male choir 
[3tr in F.]
Duration: 5'
Text by H. Lehtinen (L. Onerva),  "Murattiköynnös" (1918)
Publisher: Ylioppilaskunnan Laulajat [only choir score]
[Arrangement for male choir and piano]

Kansanvalta Op. 42/3     
Composed: 1912?
unisono choir, 3 cornets, alto horn, tenor horn, baritone horn, tuba
[cornet in Eb, 2cornet in B, tba in Eb.]
Text by Eino Leino, "Runokirja" (1906)
Publisher: Fennica Gehrman (Edition Fazer)
[Arrangement for voice and piano, published by Lindgren 1913]

Vapauden marssi Op. 42/4     
Composed: 1918
[See Choral and Vocal Works with Instrumental Accompaniment]

Mies mieheltä Op. 42/5     
Composed: 1919
male choir and brass ensemble
Duration: 3'
Text by Eino Leino, "Painuva päivä" (1914)
Fp: Oulu, February 1919
[Score missing. See arrangements] 

Elämän päivät (The Days of Life) Op. 47  |  Esitysmateriaali/Performance materials     
Cantata for soprano, mixed choir and orchestra 
Composed: 1920
2232/4331/10/0, strings
Duration: 30'
Text by V. A. Koskenniemi,  "Uusia runoja" (1924)
Fp: Aino Ackté, soprano, Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra, cond. Leevi Madetoja, February 15, 1920
Publisher: Fennica Gehrman (orchestral score)
[Score partly missing]

Napuen sankarien muistolle (To the Memory of the Heroes of Napue) Op. 48        
Cantata for battle of Isoviha in February 1714 
Composed: 1920
Cantata for unisono choir and brass orchestra
Duration: 6'
Text by A. Forsman      
Fp: Isokyrö, July 10, 1920
[Unpublished, score partly missing. Choral score prepared by Erkki Salmenhaara]

Väinämöisen kylvö (Väinämöinen Sows the Wilderness) Op. 46  |  Esitysmateriaali/Performance materials      
Symphonic poem for soprano or tenor and orchestra 
Composed: 1920
3222/4331/11/1, strings
Duration: 11'
Text by Kalevala [2:287-]
Fp: Aino Ackté, soprano, Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra, cond. Leevi Madetoja, February 28, 1920
Publisher: Fennica Gehrman (Edition Fazer 1945)
Pako Egyptiin (The Flight for Egypt) Op. 61         
[Other name: Sekvenssi]
Composed: 1924
soprano, 2222/2231/10/0, organ, strings, mixed choir
Duration: 10'
Text by H. Lehtinen (L. Onerva)
Fp: Gösta Stråhle, soprano, Sekakuoro Sirpaleet, cond. Leevi Madetoja, Vaasa, February 7, 1932
Publisher: Fennica Gehrman (Edition Fazer)
[See arrangement for soprano, mixed choir and organ] 
De profundis Op. 56 | Spotify  |  Osta/Buy
Composed: 1925
baritone, male choir
Text by Bible, Psalm 130 (in latin)
I Andante (De profundis) 
II Lento (Si iniquitates; baritone and choir) 
III Allegretto (Speravit anima mea)
IV Andante sostenuto (Quia apud Dominum)
Duration: 7'10''
Fp: Laulu-Miehet, Helsinki, March 23, 1926 
Publisher: Laulu-Miehet
[See an arrangement for baritone and mixed choir]

Planeettain laulu (The Song of the Planets) Op. 59         
Cantata for promotion ceremony at the University of Turku 
Composed: 1927
soprano, mixed choir, 2222/3221/11/0, strings
Text by V. A. Koskenniemi, "Elegioja" (1917)
1. Tähtien kuoro (Allegro moderato)
2. Lasten kuoro (Allegretto)   
3. Nuorukaisten & neitojen kuoro (Largamente - Allegretto)
4. Vanhojen kuoro (Andante)
5. Tähtien kuoro [same score as in 1. part - with different text]
Duration: 15'
Fp: Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra, cond. Leevi Madetoja, Turku, May 12, 1927
Commissioned by University of Turku 
Publisher: Kansallis-Kuoro 1930 (choral score)

Lux triumphans (Kantaatti) Op. 63        
Cantata for Centenary of University of Helsinki 
Composed: 1928
soprano, 2222/3221/11/0, strings and mixed choir 
Text by Otto Manninen
I Grave (Lux triumphans)
II Ad manes et maiores
III Pro humanitate
Duration: 18’
Fp: Suomen Laulu, Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra, cond. Leevi Madetoja, November 1, 1928
[Unpublished, see arrangement for soprano, mixed choir and organ]

Suomi Op. 64a
[Finland’s contribution to the Nordic cantata Sangen i Norden]
Composed: 1928
mixed choir, 2222/4331/10/0, strings
Duration: 4'30''
Text by Axel Juel
Publisher: not published
[piano score Dansk korförening 1087]

Luonto & ihminen (Tampere-kantaatti) Op. 70        
Cantata for Tampere 150 year anniversary 
Composed: 1929
mixed choir and brass ensemble
Text by L. Pohjanpää 
1. Näsijärven laineet
2. Kosken laulu
3. Tehtaanpiippujen kuoro
4. Pyynikin laulu
5. Pyhäjärven laineet
Duration: 20'
Fp: Festival choir, Brass band of the Tampereen työväenyhdistys (Tampere Workers' Union), cond. S. B. Lundelin, November 6, 1929
Publisher: Puromiehen kirjapaino 1929 [only choral score]
[See arrangements for orchestra]

Suomen itsenäisyyden kuusi Op. 72/2     
Composed: 1931
baritone, mixed choir and brass ensemble
Text by Rudolf Ray
Duration: 15'
Fp: Suomen Laulu, The White Guard brass band, May 13, 1931
Commisioned by the "Independent's Spruce" celebration commission
Publisher: Unpublished
[See Integer vitae Op. 72/1 in Choral Works for Mixed Choir and arrangements]

Väinämöisen soitto Op. 76 |  Esitysmateriaali/Performance materials  | Partituuri/Score  
Cantata for the song and music festival in honour of the Kalevala centenary in Sortavala 1935 
Composed: 1935
soprano and baritone, 2222/4331/10/0, strings and male choir 
Text from Kalevala 
1. Kanteleen synty
2. Väinämöinen soittaa
Duration: 25'
Fp (1.): Sortavala, June 29, 1935
Fp (complete): Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra, Kilven kuoro, cond. Armas Järnefelt, Helsinki, February 28, 1936
Publisher: Fennica Gehrman (Edition Fazer)    

Lauluseppele Op. 78 | Spotify       
Composed: 1938
Cantata for baritone, male choir and orchestra
2232/4231/11/0, strings
Text by Lauri Pohjanpää, "Sininen hämärä" (1933)
1. Lauluseppele
2. Serenadi 
3. Hymni isänmaalle 
Duration: 12'
Commissioned by Ylioppilaskunnan Laulajat for its 50th anniversary
Fp: Ylioppilaskunnan Laulajat, April 26, 1947
Publisher: Ylioppilaskunnan Laulajat [only choir score]
[See arrangement for baritone and male choir]

Yiain laulu I (Yiais sang I from ballett Okon Fuoko Op. 58/1) Esitysmateriaali/Performance materials
soprano, 2221/2200/00/1, strings
[other version: piano, 1010/0100/00/0, strings]
Duration: 3'45''
Text by Poul Knudsen 
Publisher: Fennica Gehrman
[See arrangement for voice and piano]    

Yiain laulu II (Yiais sang II from ballett Okon Fuoko Op. 58/2) | Esitysmateriaali/Performance materials
soprano, 2220/1000/00/0 
[strings: 1.& 2.vl, vla, vlc.]
[other version: 2221/0000/00/0, strings]
Duration: 1'45
Text by Poul Knudsen 
Publisher: Fennica Gehrman    
[See arrangement for voice and piano]