The Works of Leevi Madetoja

  1. Works for the Stage
  2. Works for Orchestra
  3. Chamber Music Works
  4. Works for Solo Instrument
  5. Choral and Vocal Works with Orchestral Accompaniment
  6. Vocal and Choral Works with Accompaniment, Solo Songs
  7. Choral and Vocal Works Single-voice
  8. Works for Mixed Choir
  9. Works for Female Choir
  10. Works for Male Choir
  11. Works for the Stage: Incidental Works
  12. Works for the Screen
  13. Orchestrations and arrangements
  14. Arrangements of Madetoja's works by other composers

Works for Female Choir

Tuuti lasta Tuonelahan 
Arrangement of a Finnish folksong
Composed: 1906?
female choir 
Text from the Kanteletar II:178

Composed: 1907?
female choir  
arrangement of a Tirolian folksong 

Naiskuorolauluja Op. 28
Songs for female choir 

Piika pikkarainen Op. 28/1   |  Youtube 
Composed: 1914 
female choir  [a 4 voci]
Text by Valter Juvelius (Valter Juva)
Duration: 2'15''
Publisher: Suomen Laulu, Helsinki

Hakamaassa Op. 28/2  |  Youtube
Composed: 1914 
female choir 
Text by L. Onerva
Duration: 2'15''
Publisher: Fennica Gehrman (Westerlund)
[See arrangement for female voice and piano "Iltakuva" Op. 43/1]

Päivänlasku Op. 28/3   |  Youtube
Composed: 1922
female choir  [a 4 voci]
Text by H. Lehtinen (L. Onerva), "Murattiköynnös" (1918)
Duration: 4'30''
Publisher: Fennica Gehrman (Westerlund)

Composed - ?
female and children choir  
Text by H. Lehtinen (L. Onerva)
Duration: 0'30''
Publisher: Unpublished

Composed: 1947
female choir 
Text by J. L. Runeberg, translated into Finnish by August Ahlqvist-Oksanen
Duration: 3'
Publisher: Naiskuoroliitto
[Madetoja's last composition. Then sketch was copied and completed by Olavi Pesonen]